Rowenta - Air force frequently asked questions

Removes dust as efficiently as traditional vacuum cleaners.
As practical and handy as an upright cleaner with the performance of a traditional vacuum! With 24 V of power, a record battery life of 45 minutes, patented cyclonic technology and a unique Delta Air Force suction head, the Air Force cordless upright vacuum cleaner is the ideal partner for practical, daily domestic vacuuming.

Reference : RH8548U1


You should charge your new product for 16 hours before first use.
Use Position 1 for hard floors such as laminate flooring and Position 2 for carpets and rugs.
Before you start vacuuming, ensure the bristles on the roller brush underneath the Delta Head are free from any build-up of fibers, fluff or hair.
From time to time you must clean the foam filter as it helps to protect the motor. You can wash the foam filter in warm water and use a little washing-up liquid, rinse the foam filter carefully and then allow it to air dry before placing it back inside the dust container.
You can wipe over your vacuum cleaner using a soft damp cloth.
Whilst the product is plugged in it will trickle charge. This keeps the battery topped up so that it is always ready to use.
The charging light will go off only when the batteries are fully charged (up to 16 hours).
Check that fibers, fluff and hair have not built-up on the bristles of the roller brush - remove any build-up if necessary.
If the heat safety device has come on, switch your vacuum off and check that the brushes underneath the Delta Head are clear and are not blocked and prevented from turning by a build-up of fibers, fluff, hair etc.
It is depending of your battery voltage and of the selected vacuum option (Floor or carpet). With a 24V battery, it's 50 minutes on position 1 and 40 minutes on position 2. With a 18V battery, it's 40 minutes on position 1 and 30 minutes on position 2.


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