Anti-scaling rod CS-00115030

Anti-scaling rod CS-00115030
Preserved performance.
Anti-scale collector: Not only extends the life of the generator but it also maintains its performance.

Designed for steam generator:
- Compact Steam DG858
- Eco Intelligence DG888
- Perfect DG896
- Perfect Steam DG853, DG855, DG856
- Perfect Steam Station DG851, DG852, DG853, DG856, DG857, DG898
- Pro Express Total DG842
- Pro Perfect DG872, DG874, DG876, DG877, DG879, DG882, DG885, DG886, DG887, DG889
- Pro Perfect Partner Of Fashion DG884
- Pro Precision DG842, DG843
- Silence Steam DG896, DG897, DG898
- Silence Steam Station DG899

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Reference : CS-00115030

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Designed for 4 product(s)

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Perfect Steam DG8510U1 Linen care
PRO PRECISION DG8430U6 Linen care
Pro Precision DG8430U0 Linen care