Eco Intelligence Iron

The first energy saving iron in North America

From $150.00*

Product Performance

The first iron in North America that combines ironing efficiency with energy savings.

The Eco Steam System delivers an optimal steam output to iron efficiently all fabrics while saving energy.

The 3De soleplate helps concentrate steam and reduces losses. The steam use is optimized and allows the same ironing results as a regular Focus iron, but with less steam.

* Made in Germany, Rowenta Eco Intelligence DW6080 iron combines ironing efficiency with a unique eco setting, resulting in a 25% energy savings over other irons.

* The new Microsteam stainless soleplate with precision tip offers advanced steam distribution and professional results.

* The powerful burst of steam provides a long lasting, extra long burst of steam which allows you to steam more efficiently and easily.

  • New patented soleplate with a unique 3De design helps concentrate steam below the soleplate to reduce steam loss and increase steam efficiency
  • Soleplate has more than 400 micro holes for perfect steam distribution
  • Round shape at the back to go back and forth without creases in the fabric
  • Stainless steel coating on the soleplate for scratch resistance
  • High Precision tip to reach narrow areas
  • Exclusive steam optimization system offering 3 settings:
    • Dry position for perfect finish
    • Eco position delivering optimal steam output to ensure high quality ironing results for most fabrics while saving energy*
    • Boost for additional variable steam for thickest fabrics and stubborn creases
  • Ergonomic rotary trigger for left and right handed users
  • DW6080

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