ROWENTA Eco Intelligence Iron

The first energy saving iron in North America. Promise: Rowenta Eco Intelligence, the steam iron that combines ironing efficiency and energy savings. Claim: Rowenta Eco Intelligence - 100% efficiency, 25% energy savings. Technology: New patented Microsteam400 3De soleplate helps concentrate steam on the fabric and reduce losses. The steam use is optimized and allows for the same ironing results as a regular iron with less steam. Round shape at the back to lower the number of creases. -Includes stainless steel coating for scratch resistance. High precision tip to reach narrow areas. Exclusive steam optimization system offers 3 settings: dry position for perfect finish, eco position delivering optimal steam output while saving energy, and boost for additional variable steam for the thickest fabrics and stubborn creases. Ergonomic rotary trigger for left and right handed users. Rowenta performance: 1700W powerful burst of steam, high precision.






ROWENTA IS6200 Full-Size Garment Steamer

With a code-breaking design to streamline performance, the new IS6200 steamer is ideal for steaming garments and furnishings around the home. Superior steam output - high steam output and wide diffusion from large steam head for quick and efficient wrinkle removal. Fast heat-up time - unit heats up in just 60 seconds and is ready to use. Telescopic pole adjusts height for comfort and pushes down for compact storage. The suitcase inspired “tilt and roll” features enables easy transport. Foot operated ON/OFF switch with indicator light designed for comfort and ease of use. Integrated hanger and garment clips hold garments in place at top for more convenient steaming. Cool-Touch Insulated Fabric Hose - stays cool while in use. Auto-Off - switches off automatically if tank runs dry. Large Transparent Water Tank - provides clear view of water level and is removable for filling. Holds 81oz. of water for up to 1 hour of prolonged, continuous steam. Large set of accessories - crease attachment for perfect pants, fabric brush for delicates and a separate lint pad for a perfect finish.







ROWENTA Delta Force Stick Vacuum

Cordless bagless stick vacuum cleaners. 99% dust pick-up on hard floors. Exclusive DELTA FORCE™ Cyclonic System – sucks over 500oz of air per second, accelerates vacuumed air at more than 118 mph, and separates dust from air through a unique grid made of 994 micro holes.   The washable and reusable foam filter on top of container captures the smallest particles.  The DELTA HEAD™ with suction canals all over the surface and a motorized brush spins up to 3,000 rounds per minute to remove dirt and pet hair. The unique swivel triangular shape of the suction head provides superior edge and corner cleaning. 180° Swivel System makes for easy cleaning – even in hard-to-reach areas. A removable 33oz dust container with simple push button avoids any contact with dust. The self-standing position, a charging cord that plugs directly into the unit make sure it can be stored anywhere without a base. The Energy-Star® certified battery combines high motor capacity with low energy consumption for up to 40 minutes (18V battery) or 50 minutes (24V battery) of run time per single charge.





  • Step 1: The Collar
    Start with the underside of the collar. Iron from the center out to avoid creasing. Flip and repeat on the other side.
  • Step 2: The Yoke and Shoulders
    Hook one shoulder over the round tip of the ironing board. Start at the yoke (where the collar meets the arm) and move to the center of the back. Repeat with the other shoulder.
  • Step 3: Cuffs and Sleeves
    Lay one sleeve flat with the buttons or cuff link holes facing up. Flip and iron the outside of the cuff. Then iron the sleeve, starting on the button side. Repeat with the other sleeve.
  • Step 4: The Body
    Iron the front panels first. Flip and iron the back panel. Be careful to iron between the buttons and not over them, which can cause the buttons to break. Touch up the collar when you're done.



  • Step 1: Pockets
    Turn the pants inside out and iron the pockets.
  • Step 2: Waist Area
    Turn the pants right-side out. Hook the waistband over the round tip of the ironing board. (If the pant material is different from the pocket material, adjust the temperature setting). Rotate pants around the board as you iron. Iron gently over the pocket areas to avoid creases.
  • Step 3: Legs
    Place one leg atop the other. Align the seams. Fold back the top leg. Iron the inside of the leg from bottom to crotch. Close. Flip and iron the outside of the leg. For pants without creases, iron near the leg's edges, but not over them.
  • Step 4: Crease
    To create a crease along the front of the pant leg, hold the iron a few inches from the leg and direct a burst of steam toward its edge. Then iron, using a spray of cool mist if necessary.



Large items should be ironed at the wide end of the ironing board. To help keep the item clean, lay a plastic tablecloth or old sheet on the floor beneath the board.

To get the best results when ironing a French cuff or shoulder area of a jacket or blouse, use a sleeve board. If you don’t have a sleeve board, try rolling a towel up into the sleeve and iron directly onto the cuff.

To reduce shine caused by overpressing or wear, soak a press cloth in water, then wring it out. Place the damp press cloth on top of the shiny surface and press. Repeat several times until the area is almost dry. Using a soft brush, raise the nap of the fabric.

For razor sharp creases, iron in the crease then set it with a burst of steam.

Collars, cuffs, and hems often pucker when ironed. To avoid this, iron on the inside first, then go back and iron the outside. A burst of steam will provide a crisp finish.

When ironing over delicate buttons, cover them with the bowl of a spoon and press the surrounding fabric.

Gathers and ruffles should be ironed on the inside from the outer edge toward the gathers. If material is too difficult to maneuver on an ironing board, hang garment and use a vertical burst of steam.

Pleats should be ironed from the bottom, starting with the inside of the pleat, then moving to the outside of the pleat. If necessary, pin pleats to the ironing board at top and bottom; don’t iron over pins. To set pleats, use a burst of steam.

Seams should first be flattened smooth. Iron the inside length of the seam and then press the outside of the seam.



Soleplate buildup can be caused by a variety of things: starch, fabric softener, hard water mineral deposits, even dust. If your soleplate gets dirty, you can clean it quickly and easily with a wax-based iron cleaner, such as the cleaner in the Rowenta stainless steel soleplate cleaning kit. Put about an inch of the cleaner on a towel and move the hot iron across it. The buildup is transferred to the towel. If the soleplate is very dirty, you may need to repeat this step. when finished, buff the iron with an old cloth or towel to ensure that the iron is completely clean.



Adhesive Tape or Rubber Cement:

Apply ice or cold water to harden the surface. Scrape with a dull knife. Saturate with prewash stain remover. Rinse, then launder.

Ball Point Ink:

Treat with hairspray. Rinse. Hand scrub with liquid detergent and rinse well. Treating with rubbing alcohol, glycerine or prewash stain remover may also work.



Soak stain in cool water with enzyme presoak, then rub detergent into fabric and rinse. If stain persists in cottons, polyesters, rayons and linens, try a solution of household ammonia or hydrogen peroxide and rinse. Silk needs to be treated by a dry cleaner.


Candle Wax, Paraffin:

Freeze and then scrape with a dull knife. Place between paper towels and press with a warm iron. Place face down on paper towels and sponge with rubbing alcohol then launder.


Chewing Gum:

Harden with an ice cube. Scrape off with a dull knife and spray prewash on the spot. Let stand for two or three minutes, then remove loose gum. Continue to apply spray and rub between fingers gently to loosen. Remove remaining gum residue. Launder.



Soak in cool water or club soda with an enzyme presoak. Sponge with detergent. Launder in hot water. Coffee/Tea: Soak with an enzyme presoak or oxygen bleach. Rub with detergent and launder in hot water.



Dampen the stain with water, then rub with detergent and rinse. Spray with prewash stain remover and rinse. Launder in water as hot as fabric care allows.



Scrape as much off as possible with a dull knife. Spray with prewash stain remover or rub with detergent and rinse. Repeat if necessary. Launder in hot water with bleach, if safe.



Scrub with alcohol or vinegar and rinse. Rub with liquid detergent and launder in hot water. Felt-tip pen ink: Rub stain with a strong household wall and counter cleaner and rinse, repeat if necessary. Launder. (This type of stain may be impossible to remove.)


Fingernail polish:

Sponge white cotton with nail polish remover; all other fabrics, sponge with amyl acetate (banana oil) and scrape with a dull knife. Launder.


Fruits and Juices:

Soak with enzyme presoak and launder. If stain persists, cover with a paste of oxygen bleach and a few drops of ammonia for about 15 minutes. White vinegar may also work. Launder in water as hot as possible.



Soak in an enzyme presoak and then rinse. Rub with detergent and launder in hot water and bleach. If stain persists, sponge with rubbing alcohol.



Scrape with a dull knife and soak in an enzyme presoak. Treat with a detergent paste and then later with a prewash stain remover. Launder in hot water and with bleach, if safe.



Remove all excess by scraping with a dull knife or use absorbent powder such as talcum or cornstarch and brush off. Pretreat with a strong detergent and rinse. Spray with prewash stain remover and launder in hot water with extra detergent and bleach, if safe.


Ice Cream:

Soak in an enzyme presoak and rinse. Rub with detergent, rinse and let dry. Spray with prewash stain remover. Launder in hot water with bleach, if safe.



Moisten with glycerine and wash with bleach, if safe.


Mayonnaise or salad dressing:

Rub stain with detergent and rinse. Let dry and then spray with prewash stain remover. Rinse and then launder in hot water with bleach, if safe.